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WeQuills Studio focuses on the handicraft designs by using paper-quilling. Paper-quilling is also called paper-scrolling, which is a craft involving the use of strips of paper. The strips of paper are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. These designs are applied in the greeting cards, pictures, boxes, and decorations in our daily life.


Paper-quilling is originally from the French and Italian nuns and monks during the Renaissance. They used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items. In the 18th century, quilling became popular in Europe and then spread to the Americas. Today, quilling is popular in every walk of life but it is still rare in Finland. We believe the current task for WeQuills Studio is spreading this craft all over the Finland or the whole Nordic countries.



We are a team composing of around 15 designers both in Finland and China.

Designers in China were meeting in Shanghai in November 2015, who is focusing on handicraft of paper products.

From May 2016, designers in Finland are connecting with Chinese team, which called WeQuills Studio.

Right now, WeQuills Studio is an open platform to gather all designers and lovers on paper handicrafts. WeQuills can make private quilling staff and have trainning on quilling technique.More contact information, please click here.






Our vision is to provide the platform to gather all the designers and lovers on paper handicraft.

We can have creation and communication, as well as training and sharing.







Let’s do creation and communication, training and sharing.

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